Who We Are

Encore Electronics, formed in 1996, specializes in wireless and Ethernet networking solutions for small offices and home users. We offer a variety of easy to use, cost-effective digital living products. These devices enable users to share broadband connections, peripherals, MP3s, photos and videos among multiple personal computers and other devices. We are also renowned for our multimedia products.

Encore’s corporate headquarters is located in City of Industry, California, with R&D facilities in the United States, China, and Taiwan. We are committed to serving the needs of our customers in a variety of ways. Encore’s combination of reasonable prices and quality products offer consumers excellent values and user experiences.

Making Connections Easy

Encore is dedicated to supplying:

1. products that empower users to share digital contents and to communicate with others easily,
2. products that can easily integrate with other computer and communication products and consumer electronics
3. accessible communication channels to consumers and business partners

Our Vision

Encore’s focus is on network connectivity for small offices and home users. The demand for networking products is expanding rapidly. By studying consumer behaviors and working diligently with suppliers and partners, we are consistently able to meet our customers’ needs. Our Research & Development teams are committed to designing reliable, user-friendly and cost-effective hardware.

From product development to customer service, user satisfaction is our main concern. Encore furthered this attitude with the advent of two 800 Hotlines (one for Installation Guidance and one for Technical Support) in 2006.

Serving Global Markets

Encore Electronics has distribution channels in the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Our domestic and international sales staff works closely with worldwide markets to determine the unique needs of each locale. Encore is aggressively expanding our U.S. market share and is proud to be a leader in the fast-growing Latin American market.

Digital Living

The small office and home networking market is entering a new phase. Consumer electronics are no longer standalone products. The current environment is shifting into a market ripe for integration of data, communication and multimedia devices. Encore strives to explore this new trend and continue to offer high performance connectivity devices to the worldwide market.

China Office

ENCORE Network Technology Co.,Ltd. 苏州工业园区 星湖街328号创意产业园15栋501室
TEL:+86-512-6936 2642 联系人:陈天 聪 Jeremy Chen MP:+86-138-1270 6809