ENVCWI-PTG1 | (Archived Product) Wireless-G Network Surveillance Camera with Pan and Tilt

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•  Eliminate Blind Spots
•  Monitor Up to 16 Cameras
•  Two-way Audio
•  Remote Access
•  Link to Home Security System


The ENCORE ENVCWI-PTG1 Wireless Network (IP) Camera with PAN & TILT is a cost-performance effective but most powerful IP Camera product which allows you to implement multiple applications of home surveillance, security or remote caring on LAN or over the Internet.

With user friendly in mind, the IP finder utility software provided could help you find the IP camera in your LAN and configure the IP address easily. With Ultra View software provided, you could configure and manage multiple IP Cameras in one application software. And, you could also manage the IP Camera through web browser software and look at the remote video image remotely over the Internet.

With its high power performance design, it provides you the crystal clear M-JPEG video and image at maximum 30 frames per second in VGA, QVGA and QQVGA resolutions. With its Pan-Tilt capability, you could view most view angles of installed circumstance by remote control manually or 8 preset view angles.

The ENVCWI-PTG1 is the right tool you would ever need for applications of home surveillance, security or remote caring on LAN or over the Internet, with the ability to view most view angles of installed circumstance remotely.


•  Eliminate Blind Spots — pan & tilt to cover wider area

•  Monitor Up to 16 Cameras — through the bundled UltraView software

•  Two-way Audio — with built-in microphone and external speaker (not included)

•  Remote Access — from anywhere with an Internet access or local area network (LAN)

•  Link to Home Security System — external devices can be connected through the GPIO port

•  M-JPEG Codec Supported: The camera provides you with excellent images by the M-JPEG codec technology,
   allowing you to adjust image size and quality, and bit rate according to the networking environment.

•  2-way Audio Capability: The built-in microphone of the camera provides on-the-spot audio via the Internet, allowing
   you to monitor the on-site voice. In addition, you can connect an external speaker to the camera to speak through the

•  Optimal Viewing: With the pan/tilt functions, you can easily monitor everywhere via the camera by moving the camera
   lens to the left/right (165/165 degrees) or up/down (90/15 degrees). In addition, you can assign up to eight positions
   for the camera, enabling you to move the camera lens to the desired position quickly.

•  I/O Connectors Provided: The camera provides the I/O connectors on the rear panel (IN/OUT), which provide the
   physical interface to send and receive digital signals to a variety of external alarm devices. You can connect a special
   featured device, and then configure the settings and control the device from the GPIO Trigger window of Web

•  Remote Control Supported: By using a standard Web browser or the bundled UltraView software application, the
   administrator can easily change the configuration of the camera via Intranet or Internet. In addition, the camera can
   be upgraded remotely when a new firmware is available. The users are also allowed to monitor the image and take
   snapshots via the network.

•  Multiple Platforms Supported: The camera supports multiple network protocols, including TCP/IP, SMTP e-mail,
   HTTP, and other Internet related protocols. Therefore, you can use the camera in a mixed operating system
   environment,such as Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and so on.

•  Multiple Applications Supported: Through the remote access technology, you can use the cameras to monitor various
   objects and places for your own purposes. For example, babies at home, patients in the hospital, offices and banks,
   and more. The camera can capture both still images and video clips, so that you can keep the archives and restore
   them at any time.

•  Surveillance Supported: The camera supports “nightshot mode” to deliver clearer images in the low lux environment.
   Enable motion detection and setup automated email alerts and upload FTP for security.


Image Sensor:
Sensor: 1/4" color CMOS Sensor
Resolution: 640x480
Minimum Illumination: 0.5 LUX
Lens Type: Board Lens
Aperture (F/No.): 1.8
Focus Length: 4.0mm
View Angle (Diagonal): 64 degree
Image Processing:
Compression: M-JPEG
Auto Exposure Control: Yes
Auto White Balance: Yes
Auto Gain control: Yes
Image Resolutions and Frame Rates: VGA (640 x 480), QVGA (320 x 240), QQVGA (160 x 120); 30 fps max.
System Hardware:
Processor: ARM9 based processor
ROM: 4MB NOR Flash
Power: DC 12V
Power Consumption: 9 watts maximum
Audio In: Internal Omni-directional Microphone, Sensitivity: -48dB +/- 3dB, Freq Response: 50~16000Hz
Audio Out: External output to active speaker; Mono
Audio Codec: PCM
Pan range: +165 ~ -165 degrees
Tilt Range: +90 ~ -15 degrees
Preset Positions: 8 positions
LAN: 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet, Auto-sensed, Auto-MDI-X
WLAN: IEEE 802.11g/b compliant wireless LAN interface
GPIO: 1 in / 1 out
LAN: One RJ-45 port
WLAN: One external detachable dipole antenna
Reset: One Reset button; push and hold for 5 more seconds for factory default settings
LEDs: Power LED (amber); Link/Act. LED (green)
OS Support: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Browser: Internet Explorer 6.0 or above, Apple Safari 2.0 or above, Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or above
Software: Ultra View for playback/recording/configuration features
Operating Environment:
Temperature - Operation: 5°C ~ 45°C; Storage: -15°C ~ 60°C
Humidity - Operation: 20% ~ 85% non-condensing; Storage: 0% ~ 90% non-condensing
Regulations: FCC Class B, CE Class B


The ENVCWI-PTG1 Streams High-Quality Audio and Video of Your Home, Office, Warehouse or Store via Internet to Your Computer


LA PUENTE, CA (FEBRUARY, 2009)– Encore Electronics®, the affordable networking and multimedia solution provider for consumer and small business environments, announces the latest addition to their Internet Security Camera family of products, the Encore Wireless-G Internet Security Pan/Tilt Camera with 2-Way Audio (ENVCWI-PTG1). The latest device from Encore Electronics is one of the many new products unveiled at the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show and serves as the perfect security camera for parents, store owners, warehouse supervisors and office managers.

Unlike traditional “USB web cams” that need a direct connection to a computer, the Encore Wireless Internet Security Camera (ENVCWI-PTG1) connects to either a wireless-G (802.11g) network or over 10/100 Ethernet cable, giving users more flexibility to place the camera anywhere they want. The ENVCWI-PTG1 can be easily accessed from computers in the same house or from anywhere in the world, via internet, and by multiple users at the same time.

One of the unique features to the Encore Wireless Internet Security Camera is the pan and tilt capability which allows for greater surveillance coverage of any area. Users also can control the pan/tilt feature remotely over the internet. The 2-way audio feature allows users to hear what is actually happening and to make better judgment. The ENVCWI-PTG1 offers high-quality video with resolution up to 640x480, frame rate up to 30 frames per second and advanced Motion JPEG (M-JPEG) compression.

The Encore Wireless Internet Security Camera also has the ability to automatically send an email notification when the motion detection feature is triggered. The email contains various still images captured by the camera, providing evidence if necessary. Moreover, its General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) ports allow users to link ENVCWI-PTG1 to their current home security system, such as external motion detection sensors and alarms.

“Encore strives to bring cost effective products to the market,” states Kai Huang, marketing manager for Encore Electronics. “When bundled with our other Wireless Internet Security Camera products, users can set-up a surveillance system that would traditionally cost thousands of dollars for a fraction of the cost,” commented Huang. “Our product is more powerful than traditional, closed-circuit camera systems because users can access the video from anywhere in the world at any time.”

Key Features

  • 0.5 lux image sensor to for low-light environments
  • monitor up to 16 cameras with the free UltraView software
  • pan and tilt feature to eliminate surveillance blind spots
  • wireless connectivity for flexible placement
  • two-way audio to allow better judgment of the situation
  • link to current Home Security System through the GPIO ports
  • access live high-quality video and audio from anywhere.

The ENVCWI-PTG1 retails for $249.99 and will be available through Encore Electronics’ retail, ecommerce and distribution partners at the end of the first quarter.

About Encore Electronics®

Founded in 1996, Encore Electronics® is a world-wide leader in providing cost effective multi-media devices as well as wireless and wired Ethernet networking products. From product development to after-sales service, customer satisfaction is the core of Encore’s business. Encore hosts a worldwide network of local technical support hotlines staffed with highly skilled technicians fluent in worldwide languages. Please visit www.encore-usa.com for additional information.



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