11/01/2009: Encore Electronics Introduces N150 Series to the 802.11n Wireless Networking Family

The N150 Series bridges the gap between 802.11g and high-end 802.11n products


LA PUENTE, CA (November, 2009) —  Encore Electronics®, a leader in affordable wireless and wired Ethernet networking solutions for small businesses and homes, announces its Wireless N150 series as the latest addition to their 802.11n Wireless Networking Family. The initial launch includes a Wireless N150 Router (ENHWI-N3) and a Wireless N150 USB Adapter (ENUWI-N3). The Wireless N150 series bridges the gap between 802.11g and high-end 802.11n wireless networking products.


The Wireless N150 standard is derived from the 802.11n standard. Like its name implied, the Wireless N150 has a theoretical transfer speed up to 150 Mbps. The cable broadband offers 15 Mbps and ADSL broadband offers 6 Mbps, max, to consumers nowadays. Hence, 150 Mbps is more than adequate for virtually all Internet activities. Meanwhile, for local area network activities, such as passing a video file to your colleagues downstairs, Wireless N150’s performance is 6 times faster and 4 times wider than the previous 802.11g series.


Being a cost-effective alternative to Encore Electronics’ NX2 series, which provides more speed for local area network activities, Wireless N150 series is not short in features. Encore Wireless N150 Router is a 2-in-1 product, including a router and a repeater. Users can establish a new wireless network in router mode or extend the coverage of an existing wireless network in repeater mode. ENHWI-N3 has advanced parental control functions. Users can dynamically filter websites based on keywords and web addresses. Another advanced feature is multiple SSID. Users can create up to four wireless networks with one Encore Wireless N150 Router. Accordingly, users may create separate networks for different departments in an office. Or, create a password-protected network for personal use and a non-restricted network for guest visitors at home. Both the Wireless N150 router and USB adapter feature 256-bit security functions that are industry standards.


“We introduce the Wireless N150 series to answer the requests from students and apartment dwellers. They want better performance, while not paying twice the cost of 802.11g products. Our Wireless N150 series performs 6 times faster and cover 4 times wider than Wireless 802.11g series,” said Kai Huang, marketing manager at Encore Electronics. “Users can share Internet connection, watch streaming videos, transfer files, and connect to network hard drives or printers by setting up wireless networks with our N150 series.”


The Wireless N150 Router (model #:ENHWI-N3, formerly named: Wireless N Router) has a US MSRP of $39.99.


The Wireless N150 USB Adapter (model #:ENUWI-N3, formerly named: Wireless N USB Adapter) has an MSRP of US $19.99.


These products will be available from Encore Electronics’ online, retail and distribution partners.


About Encore Electronics®

Founded in 1996, Encore Electronics® is a world-wide leader in providing cost effective multi-media devices as well as wireless and wired Ethernet networking products. From product development to after-sales service, customer satisfaction is the core of Encore’s business. Encore hosts a worldwide network of local technical support hotlines staffed with highly skilled technicians fluent in worldwide languages.  Please visit www.encore-usa.com for additional information.


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