03/01/2009: Encore Electronics USB-OVER-NETWORK SERVER Makes Sharing USB Devices Across A Network Easy

Share USB hard drives, flash drives, printers, MP3 players, speakers or webcams among multiple computers in the same network

LA PUENTE, CA (MARCH, 2009) -- It used to be that one USB printer or USB hard drive could connect to only ONE computer. Not anymore. Encore Electronics, a world-wide leader in providing cost effective multi-media devices as well as wireless and wired Ethernet networking products is now offering their USB-over-Network Server (ENNUS1), the latest addition to their Network (IP) Peripheral family. This server enables USB devices to be effortlessly shared among multiple computers saving time and money.

Small office and home users can share a USB hard drive without going through the complex configuration procedures in the operating system with ENNUS1.By sharing data on the hard drive, office workers will be able to collaborate more efficiently, and family members will be able to share photos, videos and music without any difficulty.

Encore Electronics’ USB-over-Network Server provides the flexibility to place all USB devices at one location that is easily accessible to every user. Furthermore, the server can connect to a wireless router providing more placement flexibility versus a ‘wired’ router. Accordingly, the devices connected to ENNUS1 can be shared wirelessly through the wireless router. Users will have the freedom to place the USB devices any place they choose without having to worry about wiring issues.

“Resource sharing is a competitive advantage for small office and home users. With our USB-over-Network Server, users will be able to share printers, hard drives, mp3 players and other types of USB devices with ease. Each device will function as though it is connected directly to an individual’s computer” said Kai Huang, marketing manager at Encore Electronics. Huang adds, “The ENNUS1 is a proven money and energy saver by eliminating the need to purchase multiple peripherals.”

An additional attribute of the ENNUS1 is the ability to transform a regular USB webcam into an inexpensive Internet security camera (IP camera) for home or business surveillance purposes just by connecting it to a USB webcam.

ENNUS1 can share up to five USB devices simultaneously by connecting a powered external USB hub. It supports Windows® 2000 / XP® and Windows Vista™.

The ENNUS1 retails for $79.95 and is available through Encore Electronics’ retail, ecommerce and distribution partners.

About Encore Electronics®

Founded in 1996, Encore Electronics® is a world-wide leader in providing cost effective multi-media devices as well as wireless and wired Ethernet networking products. From product development to after-sales service, customer satisfaction is the core of Encore’s business. Encore hosts a worldwide network of local technical support hotlines staffed with highly skilled technicians fluent in worldwide languages.  Please visit www.encore-usa.com for additional information.