03/30/2011: Encore Electronics unveils new wireless N products completely redesigned to reach speeds up to 6 times faster

03/23/2011, La Puente, CA - Celebrating 15 years in the industry, Encore Electronics introduces the new wireless N series. The high-speed wireless N series include the N150/N300 routers, N150/N300 USB adapters, N150/N300 PCIe adapters and PCI N300 adapters. All have been specially designed by the engineering team's of Encore Electronics, to continually meet the needs of users.  These series also come with choices of antennas, for wireless coverage, transmission speeds ranging from 150 Mbps to 300 Mbps.  With the latest MIMO (Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output) technology to improve management and dataflow and can prioritize the wireless traffic, reduce delays, especially in video gaming sessions or voice communication over IP (VoIP).  Products also include GreenWLANTM, optimizing energy efficiency with onchip manage.
The new products are completely designed by the engineering team Encore Electronics, from the moment of conception to the manufacturing process, to ensure optimal quality control and of the best quality-price-ratio.  Thus, the products will compete and triumph over other OEM brand which outsource their designs, and even production.  In addition to celebrating 15 years in the industry, Encore Electronics introduces blister package to commemorate the anniversary with a friendly design; products are completely visible inside a transparent cover.  Video tutorial are made to help users with the installation/configuration, and are available on the product page and YouTube.
For more information on products, visit:

N300/N150 Wireless Router

N300/N150 USB Wireless Adapters

Wireless Adapters PCI-E N300/N150

N300 Wireless PCI Adapter